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Or the wordpress. Ok three words – move :: still :: free

Welcome to my new blog and thanks for visiting!  After years of journalling and beta-blogging – which really just means that I would start a blog, post a couple of times, then lose interest in that blog and start a new blog, and never tell anyone about any of them – I’ve decided to finally go public. I’m excited. And nervous. But I have lots to share.

The blog is an exploration – of the external (places, food, anything in the outer world that allows for experience and discovery), of the internal (the soul or spirit or whatever word it is that defines the space within). Maybe you’ll find something interesting or useful. Or entertaining. Or meaningful. Or maybe not. That’s ok too.

I’m still working it all out – at all levels, if you know what I mean. It’s all a work-in-progress – the blog, the life. So bear with me as I try to tweak things as I go along to improve the process for everyone.

So, this is really a blog about the journey. Come along for the ride! It should be interesting….